Clean drinking water is a problem in Kibinge. There are still young people sent to daily with Jerry cans to collect water from the swamp. This is provided no clean drinking water. It is succeeded to realize a water source at the Community House with really bright drinking water. Looking at the water problem, it emerged that in the past the Government has been laid out 10 water pumps in Kibinge, but in the course of time they were out of order. Sometimes they are relatively simple repairs, but it did not happen. Meanwhile, there are discussions with the district government to repair these pumps again. Per pump there will be formed a Waterboard that allows for the collection of small contributions of users and for the maintenance.

Also in other ways water can be collected, namely by water harvest. Collecting water from rooftops of schools, etc. Although it sounds simple, these are for schools large expenditure for gutters, pipes and a water tank.


  1. Reparing of the waterpumps (ca. € 50 per pomp)
  2. Building forms of water harvest at schools (ca. € 1.000 per school)