Sports and games

It is not easy to be a child in Uganda. From an early age they are supposed to help with collecting water and work on the field. There are almost no toys. In schools there is a lack of playground equipment. KVU KIBINGE realized the first swings at the 9 primary schools but these are all to be replaced by intensive use. Sports and games are hugely important for the personal development and health of children. There is an input of KVU KIBINGE on sporting activities, such as tournaments for football, netball, running, bag running etc. Hundreds of children take part in it. These activities are highlights in Kibinge with music and fun. We would like to further promote sports and games. We hope that it becomes possible to every school to have a box with sports and game materials and to train teachers in using it. Also, we hope that it becomes possible to give children a great experience in a school camp with sports, games and workshops.


  1. The connection with sports organizations in The Netherlands to support activities in sports in Kibinge and possible to organize a sport exchange in Kibinge.
  2. The purchase of swings at all 9 primary schools (€ 25 per piece).
  3. The support of major sports tournaments such as on The Kibinge Day on January 1. (A sports tournament incl. drinks for participants costs about € 250,-)