School gardens

More than half of the school children only get 1 full meal a day. You can guess what this means for the health, development and learning performance of these students. In Kibinge they have joined hands with the construction of really big schoolgardens. Meanwhile, there are three major schoolgardens realized with support of “Night of the Tip. Per school garden is a green team set up with teachers, pupils and parents. The Green team takes care of the garden. This is also included in the school curriculum so that children learn to grow vegetables and to motivate parents at home to realize vegetable gardens. Meanwhile the first harvesting is used for food to school children. Although we currently have only three of the twelve schools who can have a large school ground, it is to see that the other schools already have begun to follow suit. Of our coordinators these schools receive also seeds with which they themselves also get on with it.


  1. The construction of a large school garden with fence (because of stray cows and goats), water supply, seeds, materials, etc. costs € 4.000. Every donation to build a following school garden is more than welcome!