KVU Kibinge


As of 2008 there is a cooperation between the communities in Kibinge and the foundation “Children from Uganda/Kinderen van Uganda”. This is initiated by Fred Mutebi (national coordinator) and Stephen Kamya (Kibinge coordinator). They have been attracted by the fate of the poor population of the rural area Kibinge. The first steps in the cooperation concerned the construction of the Community House and organizing workshops Community Action Plan. In these workshops the inhabitants of Kibinge, inhabitants of the present situation, are searching for improvements. They give their own suggestions for implementation and want to work it out. They also hand over these proposals to the Foundation with the request for advice and co-financing. KVU KIBINGE is a bottom-up development whereby mutually reinforcing area-specific projects are carried out. This successful approach has gotten plenty of imitation. All kinds of cooperation have arisen in seven associations. The nutritional problem of schoolchildren is addressed in large school gardens. Young boys and girls get agricultural training. Trees are planted and bark cloth is produced. Now we are talking about the “Kibinge Transformation Model”: how the communities of Kibinge itself are working on improvement, particularly for the children of Kibinge.

The board of KVU Kibinge:

Fred Mutebi

Fred Mutebi
(General coordinator)

Stephen Kamya

Stephen Kamya
(Kibinge coordinator)

Tonny Ssemenda

Tonny Ssemenda

They coordinate all activities of KVU KIBINGE in cooperation with:

  1. 12 collaborating schools (9 primary schools, 2 secondary schools and 1 preprimary teacher school).
  2. 7 associations (coffee growers, treeplanters, bee-keepers, teachers, elderly people, bark cloth processors and young people in the agricultural Platform).
  3. Health centre
  4. Model farmers in the program Child to farmers.
  5. SIAPROM, the Training Institute for animal treatment in Gomba with student of Kibinge.
  6. Many voluntary parents and children.