In Kibinge there are twelve schools working together. It comes to 9 primary schools, 2 secondary schools and 1 pre-primary teacher school. It includes both governmental as to private schools. All they have in common that it is going to be poor schools with a very simple school building.

Many classes have hardly school desks. There is a lack of textbooks and learning materials. The toilet facilities are paltry. Despite these circumstances, we are working hard on the schools to the education. The teachers of the twelve schools have formed an association of teachers. This association wants to work on improving the quality of education.

So far it's black board education-oriented, with the teacher for the school board and the children who repeat everything and write it down. In 2014, the new learning method Happy Start is introduced. This is a method for interactive game-based learning. The teachers are very excited. All primary schools now have this package and students of the teacherschool give support to the teachers


  1. Association of teachers: exchange education expertise with schools from Netherlands and an annual support of
    € 150.
  2. Schools: buying textbooks and learning resources, improvement of toilets, improvement of buildings, purchase of play equipment such as swings, sports/game materials. For € 25 you can donate a school a swing.