Art and Culture

Since 2000 there is a heartwarming cooperation between the Foundation Children of Uganda (KvU) and the Ugandan woodcut artist Fred Mutebi. He makes the most beautiful works of art with themes about Uganda in culture and nature with always also a personal message. Many of his works are in The Netherlands where they will be exhibited and sold. Fred comes to the Netherlands every two years for doing workshops in which participants create their own African art work.

(link to Fred Mutebi and website to website KvU with artwork by Fred)

Most schools have some musical instruments and a dance group. They provide fun and above all for the continuation of the tradition of music and dance. They can create a wonderful party! It leads to the musical and rhythmic development of young people.


  1. The beautiful works of art (ca. 80) by Fred Mutebi are well worth to show in exhibitions. Who helps us to new sites for exhibitions?
  2. Apply yourself or your team, school, company for a next workshop by Fred Mutebi in The Netherlands
  3. Because music and dance is so important in the lives of children in Kibinge, any financial support of the music and dance groups in schools is welcome! With about € 100 you will create a school happy with new instruments and dance clothing