Kibinge Transformation Model

In Kibinge communities join hands to get busy to go to improvements in their living conditions. The position of children is central in this. After all, they are the future of Uganda. In workshops Community Action Plan, problems are analyzed and there are plans for improvement made where everyone has responsibility. This results in plans that connect to the current conditions and the available local knowledge fully exploited.

The slogan as a connecting element is "KVU". "KVU" stands for working together on improvements. Meanwhile, many forms of cooperation arise in all kinds of projects. That is a very hopeful in a country in which mutual trust needs to grow. It offers the best guarantees for actual improvements. Focal point of activities is the Community House whose construction step by step is performed since 2009. Every year additional amenities. In 2015, there is electricity.

The Community House has a large central hall for meetings, training sessions, etc. Besides that there are office spaces including the KVU KIBINGE office. Also the internet school is housed in the Community House. This is a sign of hope for improvement in Kibinge.


  1. Workshops Community Action Plan
  2. Community House: renewing, beamer