Internet school

In Kibinge an internet school is founded. Giving also digital opportunities to young people.
Internet is important. That is also true more and more in Uganda. Knowledge is made available. The communication is greatly improved.

The internet school is housed in the Community House. For the time being, one proceeds from start with 12 laptops. A trainer helps young people in the first steps. Also elderly people can make use of it and the fees for this are used for maintenance and expansion.

With the support of EGAA (Emancipation and education Disabled workers) from Deventer this website by KVU KIBINGE is realized. A great boost for the online school. E-learning programs will also become available on all kinds of themes.

With the internet school one puts the first steps in the digital age.


  1. In the circumstances of Kibinge/Uganda computers wear out much faster than computers in Netherlands. Complement of laptops is highly desired. Who or which company has unnecessary, still well working laptops on offer?
  2. E-learning programs are a great addition to teaching in Kibinge. We like to come in contact with organizations to help us further with programs in the fields of agriculture, health, education.
  3. The internet school is a new initiative in Kibinge. Beautiful when this project also would be supported by people from the Netherlands with a heart for ICT.