Girls to school: always!

Many girls fail their school during the period of menstruation. There is a lot of shame about this. There is a lack of proper sanitary napkin. Also missing it on schools the facilities for girls to change. That is why the program "Girls to school: always!" in Kibinge started. In this program, in cooperation with the Health Centre, information programmes are given in schools to girls and boys: about hygiene, menstruation period, sanitary napkins and dealing between boys and girls. Deployed on the self producing sanitary napkin in Kibinge. There are also simple washrooms at schools built so that girls can change.


  1. Connection with health organizations in the Netherlands to support the content of the program
  2. Sponsors for building simple washrooms at schools (€ 2.000 each)
  3. Sponsors for the start-up of the production of sanitary napkins in Kibinge