Health Care

In the poor rural area of Kibinge health is certainly not self-evident. Malaria is still the largest threatening. Also the area is in the past strongly affected by aids/HIV, the consequences of which are still noticeable: many children are missing one or both parents because of this and be taken care by a grandparent. In Kibinge there is a Health Centre for the first medical care. Although it is nearby, this care is insufficient accessible for many inhabitants of Kibinge due to a lack of funds.

For example, on schools there is a lack of doctors or schoolnurses who could follow the development of the schoolchildren. Also there is a lack of a proper tracking system for children in their development.

Through the water project we could take care of healthy drinking water in Kibinge. The first steps are taken.
KvU KIBINGE partners works together with the Health Centre in making information programmes for the schools. See the program "Girls to school; always! "

In the Health Centre in Kibinge most deliveries take place. There are not enough tools. So that is given problems. Through a sponsor Children of Uganda (KvU) could provide in a new digital scale for babies.


  1. Connection with an organization or trainingfacility for maternity care for substantive support the maternity ward of the Health Centre.
  2. Connection with an education college for building a child-tracking system for a school nurse at the schools of Kibinge.