Child to Farmers/Platform

In Kibinge, like pretty much anywhere in Uganda, there is a lack of affordable lower agricultural education. That is remarkable because 80% of the population lives on agriculture. Due to the lack of education will find little renovation in agriculture. In Kibinge the plan is made for Child to Farmers. This program means that for one month a group of 20 boys and girls look internship at 5 model farmers (farmers who on a certain area perform better) So young people learn how coffee plants need to be repotted, chickens, biogas is obtained, compost is created and processed, etc. The groups of young people are very excited about this program. Also their parents and the model farmers work better together. An effective way of agricultural training! Meanwhile there is already been 6 times a program with 125 young people. 16 of them have founded the Platform in which they work together in the growing of vegetables, transport to the market in Masaka district and sell it there and Kibinge. A wonderful form of agribusiness with which young people are trying to build. From KvU is support to these young people for extra training. They are the example that to interest young people for agriculture new style and that agriculture can be cool. In addition, prevents these young people to go to the cities where they usually attract few opportunities to work.

There are also students from Kibinge sponsored for a two-year training on SIAPROM, the Training Institute for animal treatment and management in Gomba.


  1. The monthly program of Child to Farmers for 20 young people and escorts (incl. transport, lunches, start package, etc. costs € 1,000. The commitment is to the program to pay for itself by parents along the way, but for the poorest of the poor, this is not feasible. Every contribution for this wonderful program is welcome!
  2. The academic year for students at SIAPROM costs € 800. A great significant investment in these young people and in the livestock equipment in Kibinge.