Boomaanplant / Bark cloth

Bark Cloth

The drought due to climate change is becoming an increasing problem in Uganda. In Kibinge is that well felt in the coffee cultivation. Coffee is, after all, a shade plant that is best growing under the shade of large trees. That is why already 10,000 trees are planted and this goes still further. Besides fruit trees is mainly the Mutuba tree planted. This is a large native tree. The skin of the stem is the stunning sustainable natural product bark cloth obtained. Of the tribe is the outer shell. The stem is then wrapped with banana leaf so that the stem is fully restored and a year later again by the peel can be stripped. The bark cloth is prolonged. This age-old craft lost threatened to hit. With the support of KvU young people are trained. Of the natural material can be made all kinds of products such as clothing, bags.
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  1. the planting of more trees. For € 25,- 5 trees can be planted.