Through increased mutual trust and cooperation there are now in Kibinge 7 associations formed. A hopeful development!

- Coffeefarmers (already more than 1,600 members)
- Treeplanters (because of the drought and for bark cloth)
- Beekeepers (group of mostly women in Kasota)
- Elderly people (90 elderly people committed for young people)
- Bark cloth processors (beautiful sustainable natural product)
- Platform (16 young people who work together and resources in agriculture)
- Teachers (all headteachers and teachers of 12 participating schools in Kibinge)

Wonderful to see how 90 very old elderly people have organized and are willing to help people with their knowledge and experience, especially young people. (transformation!) Beautiful also that young people have set up the Platform to work together in growing and selling vegetables and thus have founding their own company.


  1. Annual support of these associations in their work of € 150 for each association.