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KVU Kibinge Uganda

Kibinge is a subcounty in the district Bukomansimbi (near Masaka district) in Uganda. The poor communities of sixteen villages are working together on improvements. They make plans by themselves and take responsibility for planning and implementation. Twelve schools are working together in the Kibinge Transformation Model. There are formed seven associations or cooperatives: coffee growers, tree planters, teachers, elderly people, beekeepers, bark cloth processors and young farmers. Read more..

Three large schoolgardens are constructed that provide nutrition for schoolchildren who get only one meal a day. There is cooperation with the Health Centre for information programs. Old water pumps are being repaired. The Community House is the focal point of activities including an internet school. All these forms of cooperation give a start to an important transformation process. Kibinge is on the move! All activities are carried out by the inhabitants of Kibinge, led by the KvU coordinators Fred Mutebi and Stephen Kamya, assisted by Tonny Ssemenda.

Children from Uganda NL

Since 1995, KvU supports local communities in Uganda so that they can offer their children better opportunities. KvU works on the basis of community-based proposals that is drawing up by these communities themselves. On all those places are very vulnerable (street) children, poverty, lack of food and shelter, education of low level and the problems of ex-child soldiers. But on all those places communities stand up to make plans for improvement of living conditions. This gives hope, especially for children. Read more..

KvU is allowed to be their partner in this.Since 2008 KvU supports the activities of KvU KIBINGE. It comes to moral support, knowledge exchange and fund raising. Money helps to realize plans. KvU experiences it as a privilege to be partner of KVU KIBINGE. To support small-scale projects that have great effects for children in Uganda.